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Jeff Staple

Q1.まず STAPLE と New Balanceで何度かコラボレーションされていますが、経緯やその歴史を教えてください。

STAPLE has collaborated several times with New Balance, could you please tell us a brief background and history behind them.
Also How many times have you collaborated?

New Balanceとは過去3度にわたり制作に携わってきました。

Yes, we’ve had the pleasure of working with New Balance three separate times.
First was the New Balance 575 in OG Pigeon Grey in 2008. Then we did the New Balance 575
in Dove Pigeon White in 2009. And then finally the New Balance 577 Black Pigeon in 2012 with Size? store in London. So it’s been quite a while since we’ve worked together and I’m excited to be able to do it again!

Q2.今回のコラボのコンセプトでもある CROW & PIGEON ですが、PIGEONの誕生のきっかけを教えてください。

The concept behind this collaboration is CROW & PIGEON but could you tell us where the original idea of the PIGEON came from.

今回のコラボレーションである【CROW & PIGEON】は90年代後半から定期的に東京を訪れ始めた頃のイメージが深く関わっています。
しかし、その光景に私は親近感を抱きました、ニューヨークのハトと同様であると。…2羽の鳥、どちらもハスラー、どちらも故郷の都市で生き残りをかけている。その様子から着想を得て【CROW & PIGEON】は誕生しました。

To me, a PIGEON is the unofficial mascot of NYC—and actually, this can apply to any city. Pigeons have to hustle to survive in the city. Humans also have to do the same thing. We have the same spirit of survival. When I began to visit Tokyo regularly starting in the late 90s, of course I would have jet lag which means a lot of wondering the streets all through the night. And of course, as you know, that right around 4-5am, the massive Japanese crows come out! They are actually quite scary as they hang from power lines and destroy garbage bags. But I felt a kinship to the NYC Pigeons…Two birds. Both hustlers. Both surviving in their native cities.


For the base of this project a new model is being used, can you please give us your thoughts on the X-RACER.


I absolutely love it. It has this amazing outdoor DNA mixed with a performance runner. I also love the NB ABZORB midsole. From a product standpoint, there are so many color, fabrication and trim options to play with also. So it’s a designers dream.

Q4.ATMOS 20周年について一言お願いします。

As you might know, Atmos celebrated their 20th anniversary this year, If you could give us a few words on the topic that would be most grateful.


Can I just say…TWO DECADES! How amazing is it that this culture has spawned brands, designers and stores for this long! When I first came to Tokyo in the 90s, it was Hommyo-san from a store named Chapter that greeted me with open arms. And seeing the growth of his business from Chapter to Atmos to Atmos globally is just amazing. Congrats to Hommyo-san, Koji-san and the whole entire Atmos team!


Lastly, a short message for the Sneaker enthusiast/fans in Japan.


Never forget about your own intuition and guts. If you like something—just like it. You don’t have to wait for an influencer of a blog to tell you “this is cool”. If you like it, just rock it! Who knows…one day, you might end up becoming the influencer!


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